Mental States, Elizabeth Leach Gallery at PULSE Miami, Booth B11

Mental States (June), 2014, hand-dyed cotton on wooden stretcher, 52" x 52", image courtesy Kate Preftakes

Aware that mental states can shift like weather fronts—overwhelming us in the moment but eventually passing on—I treat the skies like a cosmic mood ring. Using meanings ascribed to colors in aura photography, something I have mined in previous work, I consider my mental state, link those feelings to colors which I then project onto the heavens.

These skyscapes take the form of the aurora borealis, a phenomenon long tied with story, whether seen as the torch of the spirit guide that leads the newly departed to the afterlife or simply the heavens at play.

I continue this tradition of trying to make sense of our experiences, both internal and external, simultaneously felt deeply and watched from afar.


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